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Reasons Why You Should Embrace the Agile Methodology

Software development is a very important field of computing. There are many techniques that have been used in the past when it comes to software development. Agile methodology is one of the most recent techniques of software development. More and more software developers are embracing this methodology. This is due to the many benefits that are associated with the methodology.

The technique involved in agile methodology is testing the software all the way during its development. It uses iterations that are time-lapsed, which are commonly known as sprints. The first sprint brings forth software that is operational but with hiccups. More improvement is brought forward with the second sprint. The other sprints make it better and better. This way, the final software is very close to perfection.

There are four core values of the agile methodology. The first one is collaboration and teamwork where less tools are used. Secondly, you end up with a working software which means that you do not have piles of documentation. The third advantage is consistency related to feedback from the customer. This consistency means that if any changes are required, they can be done easily.

Benefits attached to agile methodology are many. First one is that mistakes done are few. This means that the errors will be identified early before the grow into unmanageable levels. Secondly, the technical debt is reduced considerably when using agile methodology. Maintenance money used for the software is the technical debt. If the software was made with very few errors, then you will spend less on maintenance of the same.

It is a huge advantage that changes to the software can be done at any stage when using agile methodology. The importance of this is because of the fact that customers have the liberty to change their needs at any point. Agile methodology will enable such changes to be done easily. If done after the software is completed, it will attract high costs.

Agile methodology brings out a quality end product. The use of sprints ensures this happens. The fact that each sprint has its unique features means that the final software will be of high quality. In addition, it is easy to predict when the final product will be ready if using the agile methodology. Sprints are time-dated hence enabling this time prediction.

When using agile methodology, testing of the final software is user-oriented. This means that the software is tested based on the demands of the user. It is this process that makes users very comfortable and confident of the final software. Finally, it is important for organizations to venture into new techniques for growth. Using agile methodology for software development is a good starting point. You can get more information about agile methodology from online sources that are well-equipped.